Ticket Count Reduction

Effectiveness of our team can be certified by the reduction in tickets raised by the client within 6 months from more than 150 tickets to 30 tickets. Our team is being efficient in achieving this reduction by introducing two processes.

  • User-Designation based training –The key in this program is to identify the different designation in different departments and align the transactions done by each in their desired department and prepare training tutorials and provide the training in an effective manner by offering on-premises and precise training instead of mass training using videos and other tutorials. These trainings are even included in the induction program so that the users are ready to use the system from the day one of his/her deployment on the live environment.
  • Pick The Top 5 – This process is executed by the consultants at the end of every month. Our consultants analyze the tickets on a monthly basis and pick up 5 top tickets which includes most repeated and most critical. The next step is to analysis these tickets – occurrence, impact to business, solution provided, effectiveness of the solution, SME’s review and eliminate reoccurrence by targeting the root-cause of the incident. This process is repeated till the user-count to ticket-count ratio become 10:01

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