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Hitech's flexible staffing services are designed to fit your business needs. Should your company experience the cyclical ups and downs of your business, Hitech IT services can help you effectively manage your contract employees by quickly increasing or downsizing your workforce. We provide support to fulfill your long term business goals or supplement your hiring for project-based or temporary staffing needs in four categories.

Staffing Services

6 years of experience into IT talent

Screening and recruitment based on client specific requirement

Large internal and external talent pool

Technology focused experienced recruitment team

Long list of successful engagements

Strong and long term relationship with individual resources

Categories of Staffing

Contract Basis (Fixed Price):

Third party contract or Sub-contracting, focuses on the process in which clients can have employees who are on permanent payroll of Hitech IT Services particularly for a fixed duration at a fixed price. This model is best suited for the client's short term manpower needs.

Time and Material:

This is a resource-based model, where the client will be charged according to the total number of resources deployed in the project and the time spent by them. In this model the part of project assignment would be outsourced with respect to the time as estimated for completing the assignment.

Contract-To-Hire (Retention):

In this model clients have the advantage of observing the employee's performance before offering him/her a permanent job. For the time being the employee will be on the payroll of Hitech IT Services. This is a good option for filling critical positions when you want to scrutinize employee/s yourself before retaining.


This is a Permanent Staffing . Hitech IT Services can hire permanent employees for your organization after going through our screening process based on the skill sets required by the client.